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Our company produce 600 tons of Ready-to-use Onions per day in cans or Aseptic bag.

Our sautéed/ caramelized fried onion is peeled, diced, pre-cooked, fried and packed in aseptic packages or cans which preserve its entire freshness with no human intervention.


The fried onions is a natural unique product with a very high quality.

Our unique product saves time, energy and money to any food industry which is using our product.

Using our products saves you the whole mass of hard work peeling, dicing, frying, and saves you the waste (from each 1kg onion you lose over 60% - that means that in order to produce 1 kg of sautéed onion you need to use 2.2 kg!).

Our products is used in large food factories, army base, ingredients suppliers, salad and meat factories, pizzeria shop, soup factories, sausages factory, hospital, prison facilities, bakeries suppliers, cruise boats, restaurant, hotels and large catering groups. Our product, thanks to its aseptic package, has a long shelf life from 18 months and up to 24 months un-cooled and ambient, and after opening it can be used up to 7-10 days in cooling .

Our product can be supplied in cans or aseptic bags of 3, 5, 10, 20Kg and up to 1000 Kg. As we are capable of producing up to 600 tons (net) of fried onions a day, and we can assure you regular delivery at a competitive price all year round, un-affected by onions market price.

Comparison with similar products

KNS Fresh Frozen
Conservation cost None, room temperature Cold store Frozen store
Energy cost None, straith into use Cooked from 2°C to 90°C Cooked from 15°C to 90°C
Elaboration cost None Staff and qualified operators Labour and qualified operators
Oil cost None, included Oil Oil
Infrastructure cost None, included Cooking equipement Cooking equipment and installation
Product performance Usable 100% Usable 60% Usable 50%
Food contamination None, aseptic Risk of contamination in process Risk of contamination in process
Waste Plastic Bag Sack Bags and Cardboard box


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